How Does Mold Damage Get Addressed in Your San Rafael Home?

Removing mold colonies involves multiple strategies from our remediation team. 

With thousands of residential mold types possible in San Rafael homes, DIY removal might not be practical or safe. We have experienced professionals to help you assess the damage and perform the necessary remediation – “We Make You Whole Again!”

Mold Damage Inspections 

Before remediation and removal can begin for mold damage in San Rafael homes, we must first thoroughly inspect the property. Our competent technicians evaluate the presence of active colonies and the impact on the hosting materials. This assessment begins by determining the type of remediation necessary based on the severity of the situation and the organism’s spread through the house.

Surface Cleaning Solutions for Mold Removal 

Early mold stages have the organism starting to feed on the surface matter before seating more deeply. Antimicrobial products can overcome present mold spores and microorganisms on the surface of building materials and contents. Sanding is another surface strategy that can prevent the need for controlled demolition. This abrasive technique can remove beyond the immediate outside layer to eliminate more of the organism.

When Is Controlled Demolition Necessary? 

With a general contracting license, we can provide your home or business with services beyond the removal of mold colonies. Often water damage and other primary losses are the roots of mold growth, meaning that structural repairs and build back are necessary to eliminate recurring concerns that could further mold damage. Our technicians must determine where controlled demolition is required to remove overly damaged building materials when other practices like dry ice blasting or surface cleaning are ineffective.

How Do Musty Odors Get Neutralized?

One of the telling symptoms of damaging mold colonization is a persistent musty odor. From open-air smells to trapped odor compounds in porous materials, the deodorization practices we utilize can overcome these lingering threats to comfortable living. Apart from full-scale reconstruction, deodorizing your home is among the final steps to recovery and remediation. Some of the devices for this include:

  • Foggers
  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Air scrubbers

Mold damage restoration and remediation encompass many actions beginning as soon as our RestoreX remediation and mold removal team arrive. With how quickly this organism can spread, contact our experts today at (844) 623-3946.

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