How Should I Remove Mold at My Home in Petaluma?

First, allow us to say that all indoor environments contain mold spores. That’s just part of life here in Petaluma, or anywhere.  Please understand, not all mold spores pose a health threat. However, high concentrations of any type of mold in an indoor environment can become a problem, especially to persons with health and respiratory issues.

If you notice small amounts of mold-growth you should not ignore it.  Mold does not go away on its own. The EPA has produced an excellent publication to help homeowners understand mold and to learn the proper removal and cleanup methods. It’s called, A Brief Guide to Mold and Moisture in Your HomeYou can read this publication on the EPA website or download a PDF copy of it. The booklet is full of practical information. It explains that mold is caused by excessive moisture. This is the key. To prevent runaway mold growth or to prevent it’s return after it has been removed, you must solve the source of the moisture problem that caused its growth in your home.

Mold remediation experts are able to identify the problem areas and can work to remove mold colonies. In situations where mold has persisted for an extended period, discarding materials like drywall might be the only suitable solution to efficiently return your property to its’ pre-loss condition. Our RestoreX team of mold remediation experts know how to apply the correct antimicrobial products to affected surfaces. We also know how to work safely by building containment zones to prevent mold spore spread as we work. That keeps you and your family safe. We use refined remediation practices based upon our training and accreditation from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to protect your home, your contents, and your loved ones. Knowing how to remove mold and microbials is important. 

Knowing how to determine the cause of mold growth is equally important and knowing how to prevent its return is too. Our RestoreX team is qualified to help remove mold and to prevent its return. Let’s have a conversation. Call us today at 707-559-5423

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