How to Vet a Restoration Company

When disaster strikes, the effects can be devastating on your business or home. With the help of professionals, your property can be restored to its full glory quickly.

What to expect from a restoration company

Restoration companies help homeowners deal with disasters such as water damage, storms, mold, hurricanes, smoke and biohazards.

A reputable service provider can quickly unearth critical underlying problems which might go unnoticed by an untrained eye.

But how do you spot that one restoration company that can carefully check all areas around your property?

Ideally, they should remove moisture, smoke, damaged components, heavy soot and prepare your home to be rebuilt.

Tips for choosing an efficient and effective restoration company

Go for local companies

Local providers will arrive on the scene faster, which can mean less demolition, lower costs, decreased risk of mold growth and other secondary damages, and less time spent on the process as a whole.

Check their insurance status and credentials

You want to work with an insured and IICRC-certified restoration company. Such companies have what it takes to adequately restore your home regardless of the extent of damage. They are likely to have positive feedback from their customers.

An insured company eliminates the need to worry about compensation when something goes wrong as the restoration process carries on.

Are they quick enough?

A reliable company is one that offers responses and takes action anytime of the day and week. Disasters don’t follow any particular schedule. Good companies know that they need to avail themselves as soon as disaster strikes.

Customer reviews and references 

To get an insight of what the company’s services entail, find out what their customers say. Most clients are impressed by quality work and professionalism.

What is the company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau?

You could also find out the overall rating on review sites. Check whether their services meet your standards.

Do they communicate often?

What channels does the restoration company use to inform their clients about major events? Find out if a project manager will be assigned to your home. Ask whether they will keep you updated about the progress.

Do they communicate the way a modern consumer prefers—providing text and email communication options that don’t disrupt your day having to take a call?

Do they give you the option to send a ballpark price using photos via text so there’s no surprises?

Do they provide detailed electronic invoices instead of outdated handwritten invoices that are difficult to read and save to your files paperless?

RestoreX has got you covered

At RestoreX, we comprehend what dealing with a disaster feels like. We will not only help you recover what you lost, but also guide you in other aspects to ensure that you have peace of mind during the entire process.

We treat restoration projects with a perfect balance between urgency, quality and creating durable structures. Just like you, we want the best for your business or home. Thus, we will ensure that the final product permanently seals all loopholes that may expose your hard-earned property to damage.

Let us help you rebuild your life. For more information, talk to us anytime of the day.

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