My Property Was Hit By A Wildfire. What Now?

Year after year, each fire season seems worse than the last, with an increase in both the number and intensity of fires.

The results have a lasting impact on California’s residents, homes, and businesses.

If a wildfire affects your community, you may be forced to leave the area for your own safety. Whether your home or business is subjected to a mandatory or voluntary evacuation order, you will likely feel the disrupting and damaging effects of the fires around you, and the buildings you and your loved ones frequent are not immune to these damages. You may return to a structure which is still solid and intact, but contaminated by soot particles, smoke odor, or even scorched or partially destroyed.

What should you do next?

Wildfires can have devastating effects on any structure. Here are some steps you should take if your residential or commercial property was affected by a wildfire:

Exercise caution as you get back

It is important to wait for official communication before setting out on the journey back home. Your property could be filled with hazards that you have to carefully navigate through to prevent injuries and fatalities, including long-term health conditions.

For this reason, do the following:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation on the condition of the exterior and roof of your property. If you spot any sparks or embers, extinguish them adequately.
  • Are there any damaged trees around your property? These hazards should be addressed and removed immediately.
  • If the foundation is cracked, or the chimney is leaning haphazardly, don’t make an attempt to enter the building. The structural integrity could be compromised and lead to collapse.
  • Put on protective gear. You need rubber gloves, a mask to protect your respiratory system, long pants, a hard hat, boots, and any other necessary equipment.
  • Be wary of broken nails, sharp nails, loose debris, and weak floors.
  • Ensure that all accessible fuel supply nodes are turned off.
  • Remember to switch off power flow to all equipment that you don’t need.

Getting started

How do you restore your home or business?

Now that you have eradicated hazards such as leaks and weak trees, you can begin the home restoration procedure.

Communicate with your insurance company

Do not start cleaning or getting rid of items before informing your insurer. This will help you get fair compensation. Record photos and videos that demonstrate the extent of the damage.

Be sure to indicate items that have been destroyed by the fire. Hold talks with your carrier and adjuster to determine what you can do on your end to ensure proper procedures are followed and documented.

Talk to local wildfire relief organizations

You are not alone in this! These organizations will lend an empathetic hand to the best of their ability:

  • The Salvation Army
  • The Red Cross
  • Non-profit emergency handling centers around you

Get in touch with a reliable and efficient fire restoration company

The best way of restoring your property to its former glory is by hiring a certified company. RestoreX is a fully accredited institution with years of experience handling complex restoration projects in different locations.

We have the technical expertise needed in removing hazards and damaged components safely and in a way that doesn’t complicate the repair process.

We will diligently work with risk managers, property owners and managers, public and insurance adjusters, hygienists, and other professionals to ensure that your interests are upheld every step of the way. RestoreX will walk with you through all the confusion and trauma that comes with fire damage.

Talk to us, and let us take the hard load off your shoulders.

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