Content Cleaning, Reconstruction, Consultation, Project Management

Sometimes the damage is severe and that means that restoration (making like new) is the only course of action. RestoreX understands these situations. That’s why we will provide a one-stop resource to take care of your interior contents all the way through controlled demolition and full service construction if that what it takes to make you whole again.

In a home that often means removing dishes, clothing, furniture, etc. In a commercial location it’s often rescuing and drying important documents, cleaning computers and recovering critical data or removing shelves full of product inventory so efficient rebuild can proceed.

Over the years, RestoreX owners and personnel have learned how to effectively interface with property owners, property managers, risk managers, insurance adjusters, public adjusters, industrial hygienists and other property damage professionals. In every circumstance we know how to represent you and protect your interests. At RestoreX we’re on your side. 707-559-5423

  • Project Management
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Flooring Installation
  • Roof Repairs
  • Full Re-construction

  • Fine Art Recovery
  • Fabric Restoration
  • Content Cleaning & Repair
  • Content Storage and Pack Back
  • Construction Cleanup


Can your company replace damaged flooring and carpets?

Yes, we remove damaged/ruined floors, prepare the subfloor, and replace any and all floor coverings.

Does your company offer demolition?

Yes.  We perform controlled demolition and full demolition/removal services.

Can your company clean artwork?

Yes, we work with specialists in restoring fine art, photography and sculpture.

Can your company fix damage from flooding and mudslides?

Yes, we are experienced in both flood and mudslide disaster cleanup.

Can you rebuild my fire-damaged home?

Yes, we are able to provide cleanup, controlled demolition of damaged areas, and provide complete build-back reconstruction.

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